PSA Mural Project In Lancaster

I'm super excited to announce a mural project taking place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Myself and the artists listed below, are currently working on PSA (Public Service Announcement) Murals that will be finished, revealed and placed around the city of Lancaster to provide beauty, cheer, and words of wisdom regarding Covid-19 guidelines. To see more info, and read the original article. Click on the photo link below. My instagram and Facebook will have photos posted of my work on my mural panels. Check there if you want to see the mural in progress. I'll share a link with the finished murals on First Friday!


Adam Serrano

Annajane Dauphine

Chomingo & Esther Rivas Miller

Katie Trainer

Keisha Finne

Krissy Whiski

Loryn Spangler-Jones

Maria Tomassetti

Salina Almanzar

Shaun Hogarth

Krissy Whiski Lancaster Mural Project Covid-19 Corona PSA Mural

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