Annual Sticker Flash Sale 2019!

Just an update about the sticker flash sale.

Sale ends tomorrow and I won’t be doing this again for a YEAR. If you haven’t gotten your order in, now is the time to do so. Orders for full sets of stickers ended up getting some of these unlisted designs that are not available in my shop. I wanted those of you who committed to that $50 amount to get your money’s worth and to get the best variety, so I dug up some awesome older sticker designs that I had on hand but had low stock of. Some sticker orders that included Star Child, Space Sphinx and Green Don’t Care Bear will be delayed as stock has run out on those 3 designs. Sorry for any inconvenience I am restocking and your order will be shipped as soon as I can fulfill it. Again thank you to everyone who ordered. I’m at break even considering the cost to reboot my e-commerce shop and the cost of time. But it is worth it to make you guys happy and get stickers in your hands!

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