Wonderland Solo Show in New Hope

I've been so busy preparing for my solo exhibition in New Hope, PA, that I forgot to blog about it! The show was a hit; it opened first Friday in New Hope. I donned a glorious headpiece made by Sirena Hildebrand of Monsters and Lace, my iconic pink paint dress and some trippy kaleidoscopic glasses. Beth Mosner of Prop & R.e.d.storation hosted the month-long event, and for the opening, she had delicious small bites, as well as wine, whiskey, and pink lemonade! I even brought Amish made Maple Bacon Donuts from Shady Maple to share. I met so many interesting people and gained a handful of new art collectors. My "Absolem," the Caterpillar painting found a new home, as well as "Red's Revenge" and a "Peeing Rainbows" giclee. After the opening I attended each weekend at the gallery, and live painted, setting up my easel, paints, and canvas; I painted the day away. I ended up finishing the Rainbow Sherbet Unicorn painting and decided to hang him for the rest of the month. This way, anyone who stopped to watch me paint him when I was in the beginning stages, could come back as see him completed at Prop for the remainder of the month! Another weekend I brought a bucket full of sidewalk chalk, and we decorated the sidewalk in front of the gallery. This gave everyone the opportunity to create art in an approachable way. Kids enjoyed sitting down and creating rainbows, hearts, flowers, and parents joined in. By the end of the weekend, the sidewalk was covered in art, and passersby smiled, took photos and stopped to admire the scenery. It was a great experience for all involved, and I love how the community of New Hope engages and supports the arts.

Visitors to New Hope, PA can plainly see that, and it makes it an exciting place they want to come back to, time and time again. I also must point out that pets are a big part of New Hope! Oh, and this is a dog-friendly town. I met so many furry friends during my time in New Hope. The gallery dog Saidie melted my heart with her funny antics, and I decided to paint her as a parting gift for Beth, who hosted this wonderful exhibition for me. Overall, the show was a great experience, and I am in love with New Hope. A piece of my heart remains there, and I welcome any opportunity to go back and be a part of their colorful art scene! I'm a member of New Hope Arts! I also have so much childhood nostalgia from New Hope and Lambertville. If you haven't been to New Hope/ Lambertville, and you love food, art, and fun, check out this area on a weekend when the weather is nice. It's a neat little town full of wonder and magic.

Click to see photos larger!

Side note: I also stopped in Creeper Gallery, because it's one of my favorite places ever. Although I am not a dark artist! I love everything weird, especially oddities and skulls. This place is a gem as well. Go see it for yourself, all the coolest macabre is there. You won't be disappointed. Here's a few pics to hold you over until you get there to check it out for yourself!

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