My art is now available on t-shirts! That's right, you can wear some of my favorite designs.

Gas mask girl, Inseparable, Eternal Love, Follow the White Rabbit and more!

I've created a Threadless shop, and I ordered some for myself to check the quality, before making them available to you. Because you guys deserve only the best.I can verify the t-shirts and tri-blends are super soft and high quality 100% cotton. Wash in cold water, so they don't shrink.

Oh and a reminder August 4th, I will be at Pancakes and Booze DC, and August 5th I will be at Tattooed Mom in Philadelphia, at the Fused Underground Art Show! I'll have t-shirts, buttons, pins and prints, along with my original art. Come drink booze with me and take in all the awesome underground art!

Also be sure to join my mailing list. If you haven't already. My fans receive 10% off any purchase on my website, and monthly coloring book pages (free art by me) Wooo! So signup now.

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