Branched Thoughts

The idea for branched thoughts came while listening to Smashing Pumpkins and sketching crows. I actually had a sketch of a tree growing out of a woman's neck, that I had done a number of years ago. The idea for that sketch, that was more based on mother nature, evolved quite naturally into this painting. The tree symbolizes thoughts or worries that she carries around, that constantly loom over her. Crows are wise birds that signal warning. This crow perched on her thoughts, is warning her that her worries are too much for her to bare alone. The background for this painting is done with acrylic glazes of different shades of green, yellow and brown. If you look at the detail images you can see the earthy tones overlapping each other, and creating an interesting backdrop to this piece of artwork. The original painting, Branched Thoughts is for sale in my shop. Click here to see the details up close in my shop listing.

#smashingpumpkins #originalpaintings #storiesbehindmyart #krissywhiski #whiskey #anxiety #worry #lowbrowart #popsurrealism #mothernature #crow #treeart #treebranches #mentalhealthart #emotionalart #emotiveart

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