Artists who inspire me

There have been a ton of artists who have insprired me. in one way or another. Some of these artists I have had the pleasure of meeting or working with. Others I have simply stumbled across a piece of their work and have been following them ever since. This is a blog post honoring 3 of them closest to my heart.

Leoma Lovegrove.

I had the privledge of working in this ecclectic gallery, located in Matlacha, Florida, for this colorful eccentric artist. Her bright colors, and unique personality were such an inspiration to me. Just a wonderful all around place to work, and a creative individual who's passion for art I look up to.

Christina Wyatt

Another artist, who lives and works in South West, Florida. I had the pleasure of meeting Christina. Her mermaid paintings are so detailed and captivating. I follow her work avidly and a few of her framed prints are hung in my home. Her work is very surreal, almost dreamlike, and I love her style.


I first stumbled upon a print by Aja in 2005, through a random print of NYC taxi's that was brought to me. I looked up the artist by searching through New York city artists, and found her selling on etsy. I have followed her works since then and I have watched her evolve. Her colorful nudes have always been strinking to me, and her passion to create daily, and stick with it, constantly evolving her style is a great inspiration to me.

All of the artists I have listed above have 3 things in common, they are all sucessful, self representing female artists, who are living the artists dream. My goal is to be able to do the same. Thank you to these artists for being such an inspiration to me.

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