Artist Bio

Krissy Whiski is best known for her colorful, whimsical paintings that are the epitome of her bold, quirky personality. Using acrylic on canvas, Whiski transports her viewers to an alternate realm. She employs bright, evocative hues, and symbolism to create dreamy, surreal scenes where fluid brushstrokes swirl around as if her subjects are trying to escape the canvas. Despite being a full-time artist, is also a full-time mom to two boys, and a yellow hound dog. She shares her home with her adoring partner Jeff, a software engineer, and a logical guy, who makes sure she takes breaks from painting, to eat and sleep.

Artist Statement

Krissy Whiski, born Kristine Skrajewski, 1986, Trenton, NJ

I paint the spaces that exist between dreams, death and delusions. For me moving colors around on the canvas to create visual imagery is an exciting therapeutic act of self-realization. I find myself within my work every time I sit down to create. The inspiration for my concepts is a visual symbolism that sometimes comes from dreams, observations, experiences, and research. I'm always digging into unknowns, as they fascinate me and I believe in life long learning and searching for answers. My research pours into ideas for my art and I trend towards being interested in fringe science, physics, portals, relativity, dimensions, consciousness, psychology, neurology, hallucinations, occult, fairytales, psychedelics, biology, space, and mathematical anomalies. My art has been described as surreal, dark, visionary, brightly colored and impressionistic, I call it bohemian surrealism, as it trends outside of the norms, not really fitting neatly into any particular category.


I've been drawing and painting since I was a child and knew I wanted to be an artist from as young as I can recall. I did not attend art school, and I am mostly self-taught. Although, I did work among several artists at Matlacha Art gallery right out of high school. Known today as Lovegrove gallery and gardens, I lend my impressionistic style and bright color pallet to my time working in this magical place with Leoma Lovegrove. I work primarily with Heavy Body Acrylic paints, frequently using Nova neons and UV Reactive Glo-paints within my pallet. I'm currently a full-time fine art painter living and working among the Amish in Dutch Country, Pennsylvania with my two sons, and my boyfriend.

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